Bringing together a love of summertime, travel, sun protection and quality craftsmanship, Sarah works closely with local Artisans living in the Andes of Ecuador. She works with various communities to create her signature styles, core collections and seasonal wide brim hats that look stylish and fabulous whilst offering maximum sun protection all year round. 

All SJC hats are handcrafted by the same group of artisans from the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. A labour of love, each piece is woven by the same individual, with some styles taking up to 15 weeks to complete. The weaving from this location is an ancestral technique, passed down from generation to generation. 

Each piece is woven from the inside in a circular motion, at home and at the weaver’s own pace. The hats are then processed in the workshop: ironing, shaping and adding the ribbon or embroidery detail to finish.