Flamingo's Life create beautiful vegan sneakers that are hand made in Spain. 

Their aim has been to produce vegan sneakers and save millions of animals. Unfortunately, the alternative was using plastic, a material that’s 99% petroleum-based and other conventional materials of the shoes industry. 

Being loyal to their aim project, they have worked on the development of plant based and highly biodegradable materials in our commitment of saving the planet.
Using corn waste they have developed a vegan and biodegradable material that provides a comfortable, environmentally friendly alternative to leather.

They also use sustainable organic bamboo and organic cotton.

Each Sneaker Collection has a social project associated with it, helping to balance their impact and improve the lives of the most vulnerable living beings.  For example every pair purchased from the Classic 70s collection directly helps to plant 5 trees with the Ngo Eden Reforestation Projects. 

The Roland collection is linked to the foundation Waste Free Oceans (WFO). With every pair of shoes you buy you are helping to clean the ocean.